Let’s start with analogue CCTV technology, considering its strengths and weaknesses.


۱٫ Analogue CCTV is a stable and well-established robust technology which is supported by all major CCTV manufacturers
۲٫ Simple and easy to install, setup, operate and maintain
۳٫ No compatibility issues among the cameras and DVRs
۴٫ Video signal is transmitted directly from the camera to the DVR with no delay
۵٫ There is 100 per cent guarantee for no loss of frames or any video recordings in general
۶٫ Operators can observe live view of all connected cameras with no delay
۷٫ Full frame rate of 25 frames per second recording with a full video resolution is easily achievable
۸٫ Analogue CCD cameras demonstrate better performance in low light conditions, than megapixel CMOS cameras
۹٫ Video transmission for up to 300m distance can be achieved with standard RG59 coax and no additional signal boosters
۱۰٫ The total cost to build, setup as well as to maintain an analogue CCTV system, is very affordable – this is the most economical of CCTV technologies
۱۱٫ There’s plenty of free software applications on the market such as Central Monitoring Systems, Remote Monitoring Control, Remote Management, etc.


۱٫ Limited image resolution. Maximum recording resolution is D1 which is (704 pixels x 576 pixels, or about 0.4 MPix)
۲٫ For a licence plate recognition 1 camera can cover only 1 traffic lane (about 4m wide scene)
۳٫ There are not many sophisticated video applications and video integrations like video analytics on the market because of the limited picture resolution
۴٫ The quality, reliability and security of its wireless transmission is inferior and less secure than other IP technologies
۵٫ The upgrades of the camera’s firmware and other camera’s settings are much harder to implement.

Best applications for analogue CCTV solutions

۱٫ Good for sites with limited or very poor light conditions especially during night time
۲٫ Good for small scale CCTV installations with up to 16 cameras and 1 DVR
۳٫ Good for domestic and small to medium commercial and industrial buildings where HD detailed video coverage is not a necessity
۴٫ The best choice when a repair, modification or addition of new cameras to the existing analogue CCTV system is to be done
۵٫ The most cost-effective choice when the new CCTV installation utilises the existing infrastructure of coax/fig-8 cables, inherited from the previous CCTV installation, providing the old cables are in good condition

۶٫ Preferred option for a low budget and low maintenance CCTV installations.

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